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Our Camps

The Wild Outdoors camps are housed within the beautiful grounds of Thirlestane Castle. Located in the Scottish Borders, just a short drive from Edinburgh. Everything is designed with the children’s comfort in mind, though we are outside all day we do have canvas structures and warm fires.

Spending the duration of their time with us outside the children can connect with their surroundings.  Creating a bond with their natural environment, that they will recall on in times to come.

The children are given the opertunity to explore their surroundings and learn their own boundaries, all within the safety of fantastic leaders.

Children that stay out with us manage get a rounded experince, from arriving for the day and learning thier environment to tucking up at night to the sounds of the wildlife, and then waking up to the sounds of the new morning. Allowing the children to immerse themselves in a natural environment for this period of time sparks a transformation in the children where they are turely relaxed and at home in their surroundings.


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